Throughout the school year, we welcome schools of all sizes and backgrounds to experience the great outdoors, while challenging students and building the life skills of leadership, communication and cooperation. UPCC is dedicated to providing a camping experience that will encourage students to grow, laugh and learn through experiential learning and team building activities.
To achieve this, we will assist you by providing:
  • A tailored program, catering to your school’s goals, desired outcomes and curriculum needs, in collaboration with your camp coordinator
  • Experienced instructors to facilitate activities like rock climbing and archery
  • Comprehensive training for activities like geocaching, bush walking, initiative activities, camp cooking, hut building, etc
  • Assistance with booking offsite activities and transport
  • Templates for completing your booking requirements
  • Completed Risk Assessment matrix for activities
We are excited to assist you in creating an amazing opportunity for growth,
development and fun with our next generation.

Check out the resources page for policies, and risk assessments for our activities.